MATIERE PREMIERE is the French phrase for “raw material”. Our fragrances are built around one central natural ingredient, used in its highest dosage.​

Between Paris and Grasse, Aurélien Guichard, Founder and Perfumer of the House, reveals the unique texture and the most beautiful facets of each central ingredient, with contemporary, direct, understandable fragrances.

Excellence and quality are at the heart of MATIERE PREMIERE’s every approach. The best ingredients are selected from around the world, favouring ethical and organic productions.

The fragrances are composed to offer an unparalleled “sillage”, an emotional imprint that will never fade. We pay particular attention to pushing each step of the ageing process, from maturation to maceration to ensure a unique quality.

MATIERE PREMIERE perfumes contain between 85% and 92% natural ingredients. They are vegan, phthalate free and without any colouring agent.