In 2016, Aurélien Guichard founded an organic farm (Ecocert) in the Grasse region, where he was born. Following a family and regional know-how, he cultivates thousands of Roses Centifolia and Tuberoses on an exceptional terroir, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018.

Tuberose harvest takes place each year at the end of summer. By the end of autumn, we collect the bulbs from the ground to store and protect them from frost. They are replanted on the first beautiful days of May. Our flowers are used to produce the Absolute and Enfleurage of tuberose, at the heart of our fragrance FRENCH FLOWER.

Each year, we harvest our roses in May, during exactly 30 days. We pick them every morning, and bring them immediately to a nearby factory to produce Rose Centifolia Absolute, the main ingredient of RADICAL ROSE.

“Growing our own flowers is a way to reconnect with the essence of the work of a Perfumer: creating the fragrance itself, but also supervising the quality and production methods of the raw material.”
Aurélien Guichard, Founder and Creative Perfumer, MATIERE PREMIERE

Aurélien Guichard is the only perfumer to grow his own ingredients. On the farm, he shares a creative lab with his mother, a sculptor.